sabato 21 giugno 2014

Heart Of Steel Records announce the second EP of LUCA ZAMBERLIN titled "High Dosage"

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the second EP of LUCA ZAMBERLIN titled "High Dosage" with six instrumental tracks produced by Luca and Alex De Rosso at the Cube studio. 

Luca is back on the market after the successful 2013 summer tour with Alex Masi and after the good success of the debut album titled "Mad for it".

In this work the special guests are Atma Anur (David Bowie, Journey, Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine, Greg Howe…) on drums and percussions, Alex Masi on guitar, Alex De Rosso, Piero Trevisan and Martino Berria on bass, Michael T. Ross (Angel, Missing Persons) on Keyboards.

The limited edition CD of High Dosage is available now, contact the official Luca's contact!  
The digital album will be available in June 30th thru biggest webstores an mobile, Itunes, Amazon, Vodafone, Nokia, Spotify...

Track list:
01 Led boots jam
02 Time is our enemy
03 White Caprice 
04 BB
05 I.M.N.S.Y. 
06 Machine gun jam

Artwork by Samuel giusto and Ambra Leggiero, Picture by Alex Ruffini. 

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venerdì 23 maggio 2014

Message from NUCLEAR STRIKES about new singer

Message from NUCLEAR STRIKES about new singer!

As we all know, the Malaysian Heavy Metal band Nuclear Strikes, has already signed a contract with Defox records. 
Their album is already out in the market across Europe and found a place in the hearts of 80’s Heavy metal fans all across Europe, Asia and all over the world. Metal fans were very pleased by the outstanding performance ability by the vocalist Steelgirl Ladyana. However in November 2013  she left the band in order to pursue other music related goals in her life.

Due to the absence of a vocalist, Nuclear Strikes went on a search for a new singer and quickly found the prefect new vocalist in the Malaysian singer and model called Tassya Blade
Tassya Blade is also a member of the production team of Madratts, that produced the Nuclear Strikes "Megastorm eye" album in 2011 . When she was asked what she thought about the idea of having to replace Ladyana for Nuclear Strikes, she answered "I am very pleased and want to help keep the spirit of Heavy Metal alive together with the rest of the members of Nuclear Strikes. For over a year I have been following their music and hung out a lot with these guys so I actually have learned a lot about what their music is all about.”

Not so long ago Nuclear Strikes wrote a ballad to commemorate the loss of the Malaysian aircraft, flight MH370. The music video can be found on youtube. Sung by their first male vocalist, Arnot, a.k.a Mr.Ree. 
This song has been on the Malaysian trading yahoo and immediately earned the tittle of  the most popular new songs in Malaysia. And reached over 100,000 view on youtube in just a few days.

In the near future, Nuclear Strikes will issue a single which will be sung in the Malaysian language, titled Godaan (meaning: Temptation), including a music video. It has been a recurrent request by the Malaysian Nuclear Strikes fans. They want to hear their favorite Heavy metal band sing in their native language.
Meanwhile Nuclear Strikes are also working hard on finishing their full album (in English) with the new vocalist, Tassya Blade. 
This will be released in the near future. 

Feel free to check out NUCLEAR Strikes by visiting the following given links below:
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martedì 20 maggio 2014

Message from LUCA ZAMBERLIN about new album!

Message from LUCA ZAMBERLIN about new album!

"There has been a slight delay in the release of Luca Zamberlin's latest album"High Dosage"...but you know good things come to the ones who wait...the Ep is sounding better and better... the more i listened to the rough mixes the more i dig the work.  Really you can't go wrong having Alex De rosso in charge of recording,mixing and mastering the Ep, plus, adding the cherry to the cake, we've got Atma Anur and Alex Masi on a very mellow, calm and different song doing what they do best: play to kill...Seriously the pair with Luca playing a Marting is just the perfect recipe ...Luca, after been linked to the Masotti family and Frog-cables delivers without overplaying but focusing on vibrato,phrasing,tone...and really you can tell he did the right move in choosing the masotti skill30 (video coming up soon)with Frog cables and power supply(video coming up soon also).

There's a version of Jeff Beck's "led boots "and  one of Jimi Hendix "machine gun"that really are proper "old school jam", nothing is written down, it's all improvised with very little editing trying to keep the whole thing as fresh as possible using today's sound'n'technology but recording it the way the 60s and 70s records were made, keeping that spare of the moment thing going, that first take solo,even if not perfect and so on...On "white caprice" featuring a killer solo by Michael T. Ross we're into neoclassical mood. 
This is the only song written down note per note apart from the solo...more or less. Michael's solo pays tribute to Don Airey and God, he does it so well I keep listening back to it...Finally i can guarantee you there will be some shows in september with Atma on skins and hopefully Alex Masi on gtr and Michael T. Ross on keys....for now here's a little clip made by Atma Anur for the song "Time is our Enemy".                                                  
Cheers and stay tuned here or on the Luca Zamberlin official.

lunedì 19 maggio 2014

Heart Of Steel Records announce never published debut Album of RED BERTOLDINI

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the GREAT never published debut Album of RED BERTOLDINI well known as a drummer of leggendary true metallers DARK LORD and later became vocalist for bands such as, Mary Rose (cult slovenian rock band), Foxy Lady and Rebel Toys.

Red Bertoldini's album was recorded in 1992 and for reasons unknown to us, has never been published by any Record label!
The musical style of this production is an awesome melodic Hard Rock, full of adrenaline and with an intense blues soul.
The Venetian artist (born in Venice/Italy) spread a visceral performance with melodic and Robert Plant's accents,, he is assisted by excellent musicians.

The album simply titled "Red Bertoldini" contains eight tracks including two covers version, "Fool for your Lovin'" by Whitesnake and "Rock 'n' Roll" by Led Zeppelin.
On Youtube channel you can appreciate and watching a video clip of the anthem "Lay down" shot in 1992. 
The digital release will be available May 30th 2014 on all major web-stores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic ... and many others.

Red Bertoldini, vocals

Tonii T., drums

Cristian Olivieri, bass
Alberto Stevanato, guitars
Sergio "Bolla" Bollani, bass
Mario Dei Rossi, guitars

"Red Bertoldini" Track list:
1. Strong Emotion
2. Lay down
3. Red car
4. Restless soul
5. Make it sure
6. Back in town
7. Fool for your loving
8. Rock'n'Roll

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venerdì 9 maggio 2014

The swedish CARNIVAL SUN sign with Heart Of Steel Records

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the digital version of CARNIVAL SUN's debut album titled "Sun of a bitch" released in 2011, the music style is an awesome 70's Hard Rock with groove and energy.
The digital release will be available in 2014, May 30th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

Carnival Sun is a Swedish band known for their honest, headstrong mixture of 70's hard rock and early 80's heavy metal. They also have a reputation of delivering killer, high energy live shows, attracting old and young headbangers alike. Their self-financed debut album Sun of a Bitch was released towards the very end of 2011, and was well received by the underground scene. True to their beliefs, the band released the album on vinyl only. Rock and roll.

After some troubled times recently when previous vocalist Niklas Svensson decided to leave the band, Carnival Sun found their new singer in Emil Roos and are once again ready to rattle your bones and shake your soul.

Andreas Hall: Guitars
Jesper Persson: Drums
Niclas "Ankan" Lundgren: Bass
Emil Roos: Vocals

Track list:
1. Sun of a Bitch
2. Blind Man's Aim
3. We've Come to Rock
4. Little Soul
5. Sentenced to Hell
6. The Art of Decadence
7. A Walk on the Edge
8. Wicked Ways
9. Soul for Sale
10. The Hanged Man    

Official video

If you want the vinyl album format contact the band thru official contact!

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facebook Carnival-Sun

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mercoledì 23 aprile 2014

Heart Of Steel Records announce the debut EP of CONCORDEA

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the debut EP of CONCORDEA titled "Before the sunrise", the music style is an amazing Melodic Prog Metal.
The digital release will be available in 2014, May 15th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

Concordea is a Russian band from Ekaterinburg formed in 2011 by two guitar players Piankova Daria and Alexey Raskovalov, later the bass guitar player Nikolay Konstantinov has arrived. The first line up was realized towards the middle of the 2012, when Roman Doronin (drums), Dmitri Ostapchenko (vocals) and Alexey Turetskov (keyboards) have joined the band. During the year the first demo songs were recorded, and on the 6th of September, 2012 the first concert was given. At the end of the 2012 the vocalist left the band, therefore Concordea had to be confronted with difficulties, since the Concordea’s music “soul” should have been personified by a high male voice with the capacity to interpret different moods and feelings put into music. 
By the time of the first EP recordings, the vocalist’s place was taken by Andrea Bicego, the leader and vocalist of an Italian band 4th DIMENSION. The result surpassed all expectations: heavy metal melodiousness of Concordea and expressive unusual voice of Andrea perfectly complement each other.

Produced by Concordea;
Recorded at Rukami Recording Studio and Greenriver Studio;
Mastered by Greenriver Studio;
Photos by Ekaterina Kochneva-Bogdanova;
Artwork by Natalia Piankova;

Line up:

Daria Piankova - guitars
Nikolay Konstantinov - bass guitar
Alexey Raskovalov - guitars
Roman Doronin - drums
Alexey Turetskov - keyboards
Andrea Bicego – vocals (special guest)

Web site:

sabato 29 marzo 2014

Heart Of Steel Records announce the digital version of legendary X-HERO's first album

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the digital version of legendary X-HERO's first album titled "X-Hero", produced in 1987 and reissue in limited edition CD in 2007.
The digital release will be available in 2014, April 8th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

X HERO began life billed as AXE HERO, being founded in 1981 by the Galliazzo brothers going by stage pseudonyms of singer Mirko DeFox and drummer David Johansen,the bass player Fabio "Pico" Piccotin and the guitar player Dave "Moby" Laperni.
The opening demos, 'Brainstorm' was recorded in 1983 and 'It's a Rock' was pubblish in 1984 with a new second guitar Martin Martin. The band, pulling in CAPTAIN KILL and XIPE guitarist Piero Albanese and bassist Cesco Laperni entered Space Station studios to record the 'Come Back' demos. Line up changes then saw the introduction of guitarist Alex Stornello and bassist Paul Blondie Gidoni. A privately pressed AXE HERO album, 'Brainstorm', saw issue in 1986 (this item is a biggest gem in vinyl for the collectors all around the world) without band's authorization.

The group then evolved into X HERO. Following issue of the 1987 self titled debut album through Fly By Night Records/Dischi Ricordi (for collectors very rare gems in vinyl, cassette and cd version), which saw distribution across the world, many great reviews followed on metal magazine everywhere (Aardshock America magazine descrived Mirko as The best european vocalist of the year) moreover, some radio stations decided to include their single "Don't stop the game"in their heavy rotation, which led the band to increase it's live activity, with the top of it 
reached with a show played as opening-act of the NWOBHM kings SAXON "Destiny tour" in Verona.

X HERO's line-up changed once again, new blood being ex-ZORA bass player Eros "The Alien" Mazzon and guitarist Luca Tosato. Work began on a second album at Lunatic Studios in Rome but never completed, meanwhile playing some successful italian live gigs (Verona Rock Fest,in Milan,in Venice...)

X HERO ceased activities in 1991, spawning three acts BLONDIEFOX, FRENETICA and MANITOBA. In later years X HERO tracks appeared on various compilation albums including Underground Symphony's 1994 collection 'Sign Of Sacred Cross' and the 1995 'Area Sismica vol 1" on A.M.Songs & Music with the song 'Rise Of The Curtain'.

X HERO reunited in May 2003, the membership comprising Mirko DeFox, David Johansen, Eros The Alien on bass and Roberto Benna on guitar. The band participated in the July, in Domegliara '1980's Italian Metal Legions Attack' festival alongside a nostalgic billing of DARK QUARTERER, SPITFIRE, GUNFIRE, DARK AGES and EXILE. Newly installed on bass guitar would be Villy Gardellin.

In 2005 Mirko DeFox was written and recorded together with long-time collaborators and friends like Paride"Paris"Bertoldo (great guitarist and producer) in this time did also contribute to the songwriting with new X-Hero's songs,another threat for the melodic Hard Rock fans.The recordings are now locked in a drawer!

In 2013 X-Hero arise with original line-up, Mirko DeFox call Paul Blonbide Gidoni on guitars, bass and keyboards and David Johansen Galliazzo on drums, they are writing new songs for a new album!

Video from Youtube

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