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HEART Of STEEL Records is proud to announce the return of the metallers NOCTURNA A.D. with a new single

DeFox Records and HEART of STEEL Records are proud to announce the return of the metallers NOCTURNA A.D. with a new single titled "The Devil behind everything" that will be available on the digital market from November 28th, 2017 in all the best webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, Shazam...and many more.
The official video will be available exclusively on the 20th of November on the website and on the blog of and in distribution in the international digital platform from November 28th.

"The Devil behind everything" is the new single and video with which Nocturna A.D. anticipates the publication of a new release consisting of 4 tracks planned for next autumn, which will see important changes at the musical level compared to previous works, both thanks at the entrance to the line-up of the new singer, both in terms of composition and structure.

The new EP includes the artistic influences of the individual bands mate. Contrary to previous record releases, the EP will contain different pieces, ranging from classical BlackMetal, to Industrial contamination of early works, rather than to markedly electronic intermedias.
The EP was produced, mixed and mastered at the Rock Lab Studio by Andreas Polito.
The release date of the EP is currently still to be defined.


Label contact::

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X-HERO official release date of Cosmic Virgin is November 19, 2017

Mirko DeFox and X-HERO to celebrate the 30 years since the release of the debut album, dated 1987, publish a EP entitled "Cosmic Virgin" with two unpublished tracks, "My ship knows" and "Long legs Razorblade" recorded in the middle of the years 2000 at the Vision Studios in Vicenza.

As Mirko tells, the band's repertoire was moving with melodic Hard Rock tunes with finest Prog Metal and Fusion.
Mirko's constant search for stylistic solutions away from homologation with trends and genres of the moment, leads him to create a different, visceral album where the glories of the past are barely perceptible, and the shades, riffs and arrangements so they become a chaotic collection of unexpressed moods.
For a variety of reasons, the album will never see the light but after a decade, some recordings will be released in the form of EP.

The song "My ship knows" is an explicit metaphor on the journey of humanity in search of a truth until now denied, while "Long legs Razorblade" evokes contradictions of sometimes life-threatening, sometimes deadly and relentless life.
With Mirko DeFox the line-up was completed by Herman Tonini (current band axeman) and Paris Bertoldo on guitars, Davide Pangrazzi on drums and Ivano Pangrazzi on bass.
The X-HERO performed live in northern Italy and in Slovenia and Croatia, to remember the performances of the 2005 and 2007 editions of the 80's Italian Metal Legion Festival, in 2005 the 80's Italian Metal Legion WINTER's Season, concerts with Bud Tribe, Rain, Dark Ages, Heat, Rosko's.

The visonary cover artwork is made by the extraordinary RRR Remi Real Rock for ANL.

The official release date is November 19, 2017, and the product will be distributed around the world on the best digital stores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music and many more.

Very Very Sad News

October 20th, 2017 / DeFox Records, Heart Of Steel Records and all the Artisti No Limits staff join the sadness of the Sanchez family for the premature death of Jose, a friend, a great singer and artist!
He died peacefully surrounded by his family after a courageous battle against cancer.
"Today in the sky you are a bright and eternal star and we will never forget your friendship and collaboration in music"

Mirko DeFox

Jose Sanchez has been rockin' and singing since the very early 80's, has been involved as the lead singer in bands such as Sanchez Sweden, Breakers, Empire Saint, Fierce Conviction (Later Conviction) Lies and Dr.Dream to name a few. 
He's been playing live in the small and big stages and as opening act to Dee Snider, The Poodles, Easy Action and White Lion.
With the band Empire Sant back in mid 80's he recorded a single and an ep (R'N'S) and later in the 90's he recorded 2 full lenght cd's with Fierce Conviction (Conviction) and ended up recording 3 cd's with his own band Sanchez Sweden in 2007, 2011 and 2013.
In 2016 Jose Sanchez is back with his solo project with 2 new songs from forth coming album, besides other 2 bands that are still alive Empire Saint and Sanchez Sweden. 

If You are a fan of 80's melodic hardrock then this is your stuff.

Click the cover below and listen Music

PC-NEWTON launch debut single on November

We are happy to announce a very strange entity in the world of music, called PC-NEWTON. 
A project that launch a personal musical proposals, secret languages, visionarity, intergalactic trip  a mix of electronic mood, deep waves, evocative vocals, these are ideal vibrations to get lost in the cyberspace.

The debut single titled "Uncut" will be available on November 2017 via Eur Records and will be distributed in more than 240 countries worldwide and over 120 digital webstores, including the biggest Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Music ...

In the beautiful artwork the name of the band is written with a non-decipherable font.

Connect with them through FB:

INVINCIBLE RECORDS are excited to announce Axomimitl the fifth album of cult mexican Death Metal band XIPE TOTEC

DEFOX RECORDS and INVINCIBLE RECORDS are excited to announce "Axomimitl" the fifth album of cult mexican Death Metal band XIPE TOTEC.
The release contain nine songs and will be distributed in more than 240 countries worldwide and over 120 digital webstores, including the biggest Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Music ...
Scheduled in October 15th 2017.

The legendary Prehispanic Death Metal XIPE TOTEC has returned with a new album called "Axomimitl" (crossed with arrows in Nahuatl language). This 2017 duo formed by Alex Camacho and Martin Martinez have achieved their most experimental album throughout their career. They gathered elements of their previous works to unify in "Axomimitl" a solid work in melody, harmony, speed, and brutality between multiple Pre-Columbian passages.
The introductions of Anthropology Documentaries and films on pre-Hispanic topics have been added here to show the listener a cultural boost. They follow the lyrics in Nahuatl language to get the appropriate atmosphere that has characterized XIPE TOTEC lately. A marshy, muddy, ancestral sound. A new element in this album has been the synthesizer pads to achieve an epic reminder of the Mesoamerican past cultures.
The longer, more melodic, more epic songs make "Axomimitl" the fundamental resource of composition. They incorporate different flutes and rattles that had not been played on previous records. Human sacrifices, mythology, and ancestral cosmovision, are basic in the lyric line, based on ancient legends and archaeological studies. As the Pre-Hispanic Metal is not only about dancers, nor say that they are warriors, it is also about a lot of reading and research. Here Archeology is a fundamental science as is music to art.
A song in particular, makes use of Spanish acoustic guitars, in strange conjunction with a pre-Hispanic passage. This rare fusion is allusive mainly to miscegenation, predominant in Latin America. Perhaps many find it strange, but the experimentation in this disk of XIPE TOTEC has been the main engine to go ahead.
If you want to listen to a fusion alternative in terms of ancient cultures, especially Mexihcah, the opportunity to listen to this new album by XIPE TOTEC "Axomimitl", wants to devastate your ears and that trips to the past of a Mexico Ancient ... to the mystical path of the Mexihcah.

MARTIN MARTINEZ: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Flauta Aztecas, Tambores Aztecas, Palo De Lluvia,

Track list:
1. Cihuateteo
2. Axomimitl
3. Tonalyecantoc
4. Ahneli Tlahtolnemiliztli
5. Cuauhxicalli
6. In Mimiqueh In Tlahtol
7. Miquīhtotl
8. Tlachihualiztli
9. In Tequihuahyotl Itlantica

Press bureau:

X-HERO reveals the cover of Cosmic Virgin

X-HERO reveals the cover of "Cosmic Virgin", realized by photographer and designer RRR Remi Real Rock
X-Hero's "Cosmic Virgin" CD release scheduled in September will be limited to 100 hand numbered copies.

Mirko DeFox says "these songs are part of an interplanetary trip that the X-Heroes have embarked at the beginning of the new millennium! The sound is reverberated in the universe as the groan of a newborn"

Herman Tonini remembers "The experience with this line-up was full of adventure, after only a month we left for a long tour in Italy and in some European countries, as usual we did not earn much money, but eaten and drunk like werewolves"

Band Site:
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X-HERO announce Cosmic Virgin

Mirko DeFox announces the release of "Cosmic Virgin", a limited edition CD containing four tracks recorded at the Visions studios in Vicenza in 2006.
X-Hero presented this songs live in the 80's Italian Metal Legion Festival 2006 and 2007 edition and on Ex Yugoslavia tour.

"Cosmic Virgin" will be available on digital market also on September 15th, 2017 on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, Shazam...

The artwork of "My Ship Knows" and "Cosmic Virgin" are by RRR Remi Real Rock

The track list will be composed of the following songs:

- "All Universe" (Lyrics by Mirko Defox - Music by Paris B.)
- "My Ship knows" (Lyrics by Mirko Defox - Music by Paris B.)
- "Winter Soul" (Lyrics by Mirko Defox - Music by Paris B.)
- "Long legs, Razorblade" (Lyrics by Mirko Defox - Music by Paris B.)

X-Hero line-up: 
Mirko DeFox vocals, 
Herman Tonini guitars, 
Paris B. guitars, 
Ivano Pangrazzi bass e 
Davide Pangrazzi drums


Mirko DeFox annuncia la pubblicazione di "Cosmic Virgin", un CD a tiratura limitata (Creative Packaging Design for a Better Music /CPD Format [vedi]) contenente quattro brani registrati nei Visions studios di Vicenza nel 2006 e facenti parte del repertorio che la band ha presentato dal vivo all' 80's Italian Metal Legion Festival 2006 e 2007 e in tour in Italia e nell'Ex Yugoslavia, Slovenia e Croazia. 

"Cosmic Virgin" sarà disponibile anche nel mercato digitale a partire dal 15 di Settembre 2017 in tutti i migliori webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, Shazam...

La track list sarà composta dalle seguenti canzoni:
"All Universe" - "My Ship knows" - "Winter Soul" e "Long legs, Razorblade"

La band che ha suonato è la seguente: Mirko DeFox vocals, Herman Tonini guitars, Paris B. guitars, Ivano Pangrazzi bass e Davide Pangrazzi drums.

L'artwork del singolo "My Ship Knows" e di "Cosmic Virgin" asono stati realizzati da RRR Remi Real Rock.

Band Site:
Label Site:
Promotional Bureau: